World Bank Approves USD 500 Million to Improve Quality Of Education in India

For improving the quality of education in India, the World Bank has approved a loan worth $500 million USD (appx Rs 3700 crore). Six Indian states Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Kerala, Odisha, & Maharashtra, which will be benefited from this loan amount. As per the statement released by the World Bank on June 28, “We have sanctioned a loan amount of $500 million USD for various Indian states for improving the education in India on June 24, 2020. We hope that the particular loan amount will strengthen the Strengthening of Teaching-Learning and Results for States Program (STARS).

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After approving the loan amount, more than 250 million students between 6-17 years of age will greatly be benefitted from around 1.5 million schools. Besides, 10 million teachers will also come to avail of the STARS scheme of India through this amount. The STARS program was built in 1994 that establishes a great partnership between India & World Bank. Besides, according to the statement released by the World Bank’s officials, the specific loan amount will also help the government in some other programs such as the Samagra Shiksha Program, a national level program.

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Under the STARS program, students will also be able to get an improved classroom environment as well as remediation. With the assistance of the STARS program, it has also tried to ensure that no child is left behind to obtain a quality education. Thus it has also been seen that a significant amount of increase is increased between 2004 – 2019 where the number of students who were going to schools was 219 million while in the year 2019, the number of students who went to the schools was 248 million. 

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