It has been advised to the teachers, non-teaching staff, & researchers by the Human Resource & Development (HRD) ministry that they can work from home till 31st July 2020. The particular circular has been released for the teachers & other related employees after the start of Unlock 2 by the Indian government. In the circular, questions to close the schools/ colleges till July 31, 2020, have also been asked to the ICMR, UGC, NTA, AICTE, etc. The autonomous organizations will have the responsibility to ensure the safety of the teachers, non-teaching staff,  researchers, faculty members, etc. Additionally, circulars also insist on the security of the students who are living in hotels and thus the colleges/ institutions will have to robust their security systems for the maintenance of the safety of the students/ employees. 

The particular circular was issued to fight against the COVID 19 disease on June 30, 2020. According to the circular, “The time at hand will be deemed as ‘On Duty’ for the teachers (All Category), non-teaching staff, & researchers who are not going to take the retirement before July 31, 2020.” 

As per the guidelines given by the MHRD, online/ distance learning can be continued as per the circular released earlier while the Ministry has also asked various Chief secretaries of all the states to monitor all the guidelines carefully and implement accordingly.  

Hence, the Human Resource & Development Ministry has also asked the University Grant Commission to consider the conduction of all the future exams of intermediate & terminal semester exams for the current academic year due to their increasing number of COVID 19 patients throughout the country. 

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