Colleges in Haryana Cancels the Final Sem Exams

In the wake of the ongoing crisis of Covid-19, Higher and Technical Education Department of Haryana had postponed all term-end examinations of final semesters and intermediate semesters of all courses till the onset of regular life after the lockdown. The government had taken its decision after referring and discussing the matter with the Vice-Chancellors of all Universities and other concerned parties. Earlier it was declared that all final examinations would be conducted in the month of July from the 1st to the 31st

Many Indian states are deciding to reopen their educational institutions in July and August when the Government of Haryana first decided to conduct the final exams in July. The mode of conducting the examinations was decided to be conventional, strictly following anti-corona virus measures of the Central and State governments including social distancing, use of masks and sanitizers, etc. The Principal Secretary of Higher Education Ankur Gupta had notified the universities to declare results by the 7th of August.

The State government later changed its decision and has come to the idea of promoting the students to higher semesters on the basis of academic performance in past examinations and internal assessments. There will be a fifty percent weightage for both these criteria, according to the State Education Minister Kanwar Pal. But the students will also be provided with provisions to improve their grades later on after the present condition gets better. They can avail of written examinations for the same at a later favorable time. This service will also be extended to students who had subscribed to distance education. For the first-year students the criteria for promotion to the next year will be solely based on their performance in the internal assessments.

All practical examinations to be conducted would be compensated either by awarding marks obtained from the average of past internal practical examinations or by calculating the eighty percent of the average marks of theory examinations in the past semesters, whichever is higher. The students with previous academic backlogs may also be considered for promotion to higher semesters based on their average marks in the past examinations. This is also available for distance education students as well. 

The final year examinations, promotion for intermediate semester exams, and marks of practical examinations of students of all the Polytechnics in the State will be conducted following similar procedures. The minister also added that a University can conduct online examinations on its own discretion if it is fully prepared and has the required resources for it. But the University is obliged to make sure that all the students will be able to take part in such a testing procedure.

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The admissions to University Teaching Departments can be coordinated at each University at an autonomous level. Admissions for undergraduate and postgraduate courses, it is the Centralized Online admission procedure of the Higher Education Department that has to be conducted, following the past procedure. It was decided earlier that all educational institutions in Haryana including schools and colleges will open again after the 15th of August.

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